The Winners of the European Beer Star

The Winners of the European Beer Star 2023

The proud winners of the European Beer Star 2023 took their price. In a glamorous awards ceremony on November 29 at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, the winners have been announced. Here is the list of winners.


Future Award 2023 - Proud Winners

The three winners have been awarded at the Award Ceremony of European Beer Star 2023 on November 29 during BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. In regards to the aspects of both quality and sustainability, the jury was most impressed by the following three breweries:
Braucommune in Freistadt, Brauerei Schützengarten andPlzeňský Prazdroj are the proud winners of the European Beer Star Future Award 2023. Congratulations to your success and thank you for your effort for sustainability!

Proud winners of the European Beer Star Future Award 2023: Braucommune in Freistadt, Austria...
...and Brauerei Schützengarten, Switzerland (Bilder: Private Brauereien / Volker Martin)

Future Award 2022 - Proud Winners

The three winners have been awarded at the Winners' Night on September 14 during drinktec in Munich. In regards to the aspects of both quality and sustainability, the jury was most impressed by the following three breweries:Neumarkter Lammsbräu, Brauerei-Gasthof Kundmüller and Westerwald Brauerei are the proud winners of the European Beer Star Future Award 2022. Congratulations to your success and thank you for your effort for sustainability!

Here's the link to the compltete üress release of the Future Award as well as the winners of the EBS 2022


The breweries behind the winning beers

The special design of the European Beer Star gives breweries of all types equal opportunities. Size, importance, ownership, tradition are values that may be important in the daily battle for market share. In front of the palates and noses of our expert jury, all beers are equal.

It doesn't matter whether it's a one-person company or a large corporation; whether a brewery is hundreds of years old or just founded. All stories are interesting; all beers are welcome at the European Beer Star.

Winner of the previous years

The following breweries have already won awards. Click on the logo for more information.

What do winning beers taste like?

"Good. Very good," say our stars, the experts from the European Beer Star jury, about the other stars - the award-winning beers - and then go on to say a lot more. Like our expert and editor-in-chief of the Beer Star News. Be inspired by Birgit Rieber's tasting notes from the magazine.

That's how stars taste.

Dortmund Export

buckskin export

European-Style Export

Buckskin Brewing | TWN

A feast for the eyes. Brilliant orange, shiny fine. Firm, fine-pored, beige foam. Delicate, yet animating malt aroma. Honey notes, discreet caramel surrounded by fresh hop aroma - that's what good beer smells like. In addition, a hint of kumquats, primroses. Soft on the palate, hearty body, powerful, punchy. You can taste the summer. Harmonious and elegant. If you are not sure what drinkability means, you should try this beer from Taiwan.

GOLD: 2019



Traditional India Pale Ale

Hoppebräu | GER

Brilliant golden-yellow. Fine opalescence fades into evenly delicate haze. Grassy fresh hop nose with grapefruit and lemon verbena. Sweet fruity notes on the second nose; ripe pineapple, white peach, gooseberry; resinous green hop notes. Soft on the nose. Broad, powerful. Style-typical IPA flavor explosion. Bitterness and sweetness. A diverse, harmonious finishing IPA; traditional with a hint of modern flavor hops.

SILVER: 2019
BRONZE: 2021 | 2020

Distelhäuser Dinkel


Beer with alternative Cereals

Distelhäuser Brewery | GER

Orange opalescence. Nevertheless radiant. Fine, cream-colored foam. In the nose: dried flowers, some acacia honey, a hint of banana. Soft on the nose, delicately sparkling carbon dioxide. The full-bodied palate is a paragon of harmony. Sweet honeydew melon, wild strawberry, crisp butter cookie. Subtle bitterness and roasted nuts form the backbone. Everything goes 'hand in hand'. Wonderful 'drinkability' - if you will.

GOLD: 2020

Prion des fleurs


Honey Beer

Brouwerij Kompel | BEL

Copper-colored, naturally cloudy; firm head. A fine honey scent is underpinned by caramel notes. Accompanied by tropical fruits. Ripe orange comes first, followed by Hawaiian pineapple and white peach. A quiet, soft entry lets the high-quality sweetness work its magic on the tip of the tongue. Forest honey and, as in the aroma, orange go hand in hand as they make their way across the tongue. Then the flavors step forward. The beer is present, powerful, harmonious. Prion des Fleur finishes with gentle bitterness that contrasts the honey notes in the finest way.

GOLD: 2020

Eitinger Kirta Bier


German-Style Märzen

Eitinger Fischerbräu | GER

Bright copper, shiny fine. A scent of white flowers emanates from the firm, white foam cap. In addition, toffee, fresh butter cookie, some caramel, but fine. Delicate on the nose; crisp and fresh. Smooth soft toffee on the palate as well, mixed with red berries. The bitterness fits perfectly! It makes the drinking flow decidedly elegant. A very, very fine Märzen. It does honor to the European Beer Star Award in silver.

GOLD: 2007 | 2008 | 2012 | 2015
SILVER: 2020 | 2016
BRONZE: 2011

:Big Mood


Belgien-Style Lambic and Geuze

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. | USA

Light amber. Soft, supple entry. Attractive, not overly dominant carbonation dances lightly on the tongue, bringing out the fruit flavors - apricots and grapes were included. Then the acidity comes to the fore, the fruit notes only reappear in the aftertaste. Before that, woody and leathery tones lend some seriousness to the playful beer, balancing the acidity and letting the fruit have the final chord.

SILVER: 2020

Bussaba ex white


Herb and Spice Beer

Full Moon Brewworks | THA

Golden yellow opalescence. Creamy foam. Yes! Banana. Firm to the bite, not too ripe. In Thai literature, no woman smells as good as Bussaba. On the second breath, white pepper, vanilla, daisy, then pear, peach. The deep sip recalls fried banana and coconut; spiciness resonates in the background. Putzmunter carbonation juggles sweetness, tingles into the tart finish. Attenzione: There are ginger flowers hidden in the beer.

SILVER: 2020 | 2018



German-Style Pilsner

Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg | AUT

Radiant light gold, shiny, brilliant. The scent of a summery flower meadow permeates the firm, fine foam. Slender yet powerful; precise, clear. The finely malty body embeds the highly elegant bitterness. It seems citrus fresh, rather the lemon zest and that of yellow grapefruit. Very long lasting, always quality concise tartness, seems "Nordic" in the best sense. Pils as pils can. Looking forward to every other sip.

SILVER: 2019

1291 Castle


German-Style Kellerpils

Birra Mastino | ITA

Light gold, beautiful opalescence. A grassy floral freshness emanates from the pretty white foam cap. Blossom honey and fresh bread dough mingle with it. I think of summer, am happy, especially in winter, about this image in my mind. Surprisingly full-bodied, lively perlage. Graceful sweetness on the tip of the tongue. But then, "I'm a Pilsner!" Tart, elegant bitterness spreads. Rich finish of velvety bitterness. The whole ends fragrantly as it began: with grassy, floral notes.

GOLD: 2020

Le Tractor Saison


Belgian-Style Saison

Microbrasserie Le Trou de diable | CAN

Dark gold, lots of fine, creamy foam. Opulent rezzen. Lively entry gives wings to the powerful body. Fresh doughnuts on the nose, well powdered. Ripe yellow peach, passion fruit, white pepper and fruit candy on the tongue. Only later the impression becomes "adult". For pointed bitterness joins in, thanks to Simcoe. Fruit again, in combination with savory spiciness. Then this dryness! Tractor: Stop! We're thirsty.

SILVER: 2020 | 2018

Othmar Rauch


Smoke Beer

Ootmarsummer Bierbrouwerij | NED

Dark chestnut brown. Fine haze. Light brown foam remains stable, but a subtle smoky aroma permeates through it. Memories of crackling campfires. I wrap fresh yeast dough around my branch, not without tasting of the raw dough. In between, I take a sip of the creamy, smooth smoked beer. Fine-bodied, well-integrated carbonation creates a fresh head. Now I'm looking forward to my freshly baked stick bread.

SILVER: 2019

Schimpf Weizenbock


South German-Style Weizenbock Dark

Kronenbrauerei Alfred Schimpf | GER

Dark copper. Uniform, dense cloudiness. Lots of sandy, dense, firm foam. Ripe banana, dried plum, rum from the wooden barrel on the nose. Full-bodied entry with powerful presence. Finely sparkling, playful, yet creamy, subtle sweetness. Reminders of forest honey and dried fruit; apricot, plum, banana. A touch of acidity makes the bock light on its feet. Dry in the aftertaste. Vanilla and warmth again remind of long aged rum.

GOLD: 2016 | 2015
BRONZE: 2019

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