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The Competition for Sustainability in the Brewing Industry

Protecting our environment also means safeguarding our future. Topics such as sustainability, energy efficiency, local raw material supply chain, or employee satisfaction have long ceased to be trivialities and have long been part of the focus of corporate governance in companies. The competition European Beer Star therefore presents the Future Award for exemplary and sustainable corporate governance. In addition to sustainable management and social responsibility, product quality is also included in the assessment.

The European Beer Star Future Award honors committed breweries for their business activities in accordance with the pillars of sustainability - ecological, economical, social. Breweries that manage to combine their sustainable corporate culture with the highest beer quality can apply for the Future Award with the European Beer Star entry free of charge

Future Award 2023 - Proud Winners

Evaluation criteria

Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, a questionnaire tailored to the brewing industry was developed together with Edelweiss Society, experts from the brewing industry and relevant stakeholders from the brewing industry. The questionnaire is tailored to the brewing industry. TThe jury of the European Beer Star Future Award is made up of an interdisciplinary team of experts. They include sustainability researchers, media representatives and beer experts.

The beers from the breweries with the most convincing applications will then undergo a quality test as part of the European Beer Star. Because sustainability only works with quality!

NEW 2024 - Innovative technical solutions in breweries to reduce primary energy consumption

Breweries have already been drivers of innovation in the past. In challenging times, creativity and innovative strength are in demand. We are therefore looking forward to the breweries' approaches to saving primary energy. In addition to the evaluation of a questionnaire and the tasting at the European Beer Star, presentations on innovative energy-saving projects will also be evaluated this year.



What measures does the company take to save, control or generate primary energy?



Does the company pay attention to the economical use of water?

climate protection

Climate protection

Are there processes or specifications in the company that ensure climate protection?

value creation

Regional value creation

What is the raw material, supply and distribution structure in the company?



Are biodiversity measures promoted in the company?


Quality management

Are topics such as employee training and further education or continuous improvement anchored in the company's mission statement?

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Is customer satisfaction determined and what significance does it have within the company?



Can employees rely on fair pay and the company's concern for their health?



What container and operating material structure does the company use?



What distinguishes your product and your brewery in terms of sustainable development and is therefore predestined to win a Future Award?

How does the awarding process work?


1. Registration at the EBS 2024

All breweries that register in the European Beer Star 2024 can participate in the Future Award at no additional cost. Participation in the Future Award is voluntary! You can express your interest already during the EBS registration.


2. Filling in the questionnaire

All interested EBS participants will receive a questionnaire which needs to be sent back until the end of the registration deadline on July 24 to

In addition, the brewery must choose a submitted European Beer Star sample which, if successful, will take part in the  Future Award tasting.


3. Tasting at the European Beer Star 2024

A team of experts determines the 8 best applications according to a recognized evaluation form. The survey is anonymous. The brewery will not be disclosed to the jury.

The breweries with the best 8 applications will be informed by August 12, 2024. Their beer will be judged in a separate tasting flight for the Future Award as part of EBS 2024.


4. Evaluation of the main topic

The presentations on the applicants' innovative technical solutions for reducing primary energy consumption will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of sustainability and beer experts.

The winners will be evaluated through the questionnaire, social responsibility and the blind tasting.

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