Packing and Shipping the Beers

Shipping address and shipping period


The beers for the European Beer Star need to arrive at our logistics partner between August 12 - September 06, 2024. The delivery address and the contact information of the beer receiption:

- European Beer Star 2024 -
Messezentrum 1
90471 Nürnberg

Access via "large road", Gate 5

Mehmet Yildiz
Phone +49 911 81748 0

Personal delivery

A personal delivery of the beers to DB Schenker at the Nuremberg trade fair is possible. The acceptance times are Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. A contact in advance is not necessary. Please note, that each submitted beer needs to have label with the QR-code, which was sent to you with the order confirmation, on the packaging (please refer below to the point "labeling").

You can find directions to the DB Schenker warehouse here.

Important: Access via "large road", Gate 5

What happens between the arrival of the beer and the tasting?

The delivered samples will be directly taken to refrigerated storage containers and stored according to the tasting schedule at 9 °C. In this way, we ensure optimal storage of the beers from the moment they are received.

Important information

Required number of containers


The minimum volume required per beer submitted is 5.0 liters.

Bottle contentQuantity to be sent
Volume > 0.5 liters10 bottles
volume < 0.5 liters15 bottles



Samples must contain the following information:

  • Sales label (Commercial Label), because only beers available for free sale can participate in the European Beer Star.
  • The Category number and the Registration number must be clearly visible on the bottle with an adhesive label. You will receive the registration number with your order confirmation after registration.


Next to the order confirmation, you will receive for each entered beer a ready-made label with a QR code for print automatically via Email. This label needs to be placed at the packaging of each submitted entry (not each sample!). The QR code will be scanned during beer reception. You can track within your user account conveniently if your beer has arrived at the European Beer Star.




The bottles must be delivered packed. To avoid breakage, it is recommended:

  • Place the bottles upright in a shipping carton.
  • Fill the spaces in the carton with packing material.
  • Label the carton "Fragile" and "This side up."

Avoid wooden crates as packaging for your beers!

Beer delivery from outside the EU

We strongly recommend that the beers should be shipped at an early stage. The worldwide disrupted logistics chains lead to greatly extended shipping and waiting times at the respective customs offices.

Please note: Breweries from outside the EU need an additional invoice for customs clearance with the following specifications of the beers sent:

Shipping to: DB Schenker (see above for address).

  • Beer brands
  • Number of bottles
  • Bottle content in ml
  • Alcohol level (ABV %)
  • Product value (e.g. € 1,00 / bottle or can)
  • Original gravity (°P)

If any of the above information is missing, there may be significant delays in customs clearance and arrival of the beers before the competition cannot be guaranteed. A sample invoice for free use can be downloaded here:

In order to keep the waiting time at the customs offices as short as possible, the organizers of the European Beer Star offer this year for the participants outside the EU an assistance for the shipment of the beers.

  1. Use the sample invoice and create a proforma invoice according to your registration.
  2. Send the proforma invoice to the customs expert for approval:
  3. After approval of the proforma invoice, ship the beers according to the above mentioned specifications.
  4. Important: Please attach the invoice outside the packaging visible to customs (e.g. attached with visual sleeves). Invoices placed inside may cause very long delays.

Contacts for consolidated transport

This year we have been able to organize various delivery cooperations around the world for a consolidated transport. These are in the USA (for members of the Brewers Association Export Development Program), in Brazil, in South Korea and in China. Below you can contact the organizers of the delivery services:

Consolidation Point Brazil

Rodolfo Rebelo

Consolidation Point Brazil


Rodolfo is European Beer Star ambassador and supports Brazilian breweries to bring their beers safely and on time to the European Beer Star.
Please note: Beers must arrive at the collection point before the registration deadline!
Please contact Rodollfo for further asistance.

Rodolfo Rebelo
Phone: + 55 (47) 99995 46 44

Shipment China

Sha Tao

Shipment from China

Sha Tao is European Beer Star ambassador and supports Chinese breweries to bring their beers safely and on time to the European Beer Star. Send your beers to the collection point in China(BeerFortune) - Sha Tao will take care of the rest. Contact him early to avoid a bottleneck at the end of the registration period.


Sha Tao
Phone +86 15011351169
WeChat ID: bjcprex

Consolidation Point South Korea

We were able to organize a consolidated shipment with Schenker Korea.

Schenker Korea Contact Detail


E-MAIL : yng-snwdbschnkrcm

Schenker Korea Ltd.
Airport Logistics Park F1-4
171, Gonghangdong-ro 296 beon-gil,
Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea

Consolidation Point Mexico

We were able to organize a consolidation point in Mexico. For further assistance regarding timeline and delivery, please contact Guillermo.

Contact and delivery address

Guillermo Fernandez Duque
Mobile and Whatsapp: +52 443 265 2389 
Phone: +52 443 312 78 39 

Norte 14 #341, Cd. Industrial, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. 58230

Consolidation Point USA

Steve Parr

Consolidation Point USA

The Brewers Association is arranging a collection point and shipping by air for attendees from the United States. Please contact Steve Parr, the Brewers Association's Export Development Program Manager.


Steve Parr
phone: +1 3038076736

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