Conditions of Participation and Costs


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Registration schedule
Awarded beers

Every commercially-operated brewery, which is properly registered according to respective national law, is entitled to participate.

So-called craft brewers and / or gypsy brewers, who do not have their own brewery, are eligible to enter the competition if they prove that the beer they have registered for participation in the competition is personally brewed by them according to their own prescribed recipe in a brewery and then marketed by themselves in their own name.

Experimental breweries of universities, schools and institutes, as well as experimental breweries of breweries and raw material suppliers, are not allowed to participate.

Beers are excluded from participation in the competition whose promotions are liable to penalties, or which indicate contents that violate the reputation of third parties, or which are offensive to good taste. Likewise excluded from participation in the competition are breweries, which market beers whose promotions are liable to penalties, or indicate contents which violate the honour of third parties, or which are offensive to good taste, even if this involves beers which were not registered for the competition. Breweries that are wholly or majority owned by persons who have a record of committing, being responsible for, or inciting human rights abuses are excluded as well.

The participating brewery must itself manufacture the beer registered for the competition and market it not only once under its own name.

Beers, which are manufactured by several breweries and/or by craft brewers and/or gypsy brewers under the same brand or recipe are excluded from participation in the competition.

The following special rule applies to so-called "Collaboration Brews" (beers which are jointly developed and brewed by one or more breweries and/or craft brewers and/or gypsy brewers and subsequently placed on the market by those breweries alone or jointly): Collaboration Brews may be entered in the competition by one of the breweries producing them or by craft brewers or gypsy brewers, with the name given of the other breweries, craft brewers or gypsy brewers involved, whereby a prize is awarded solely to the entrant and participating brewery, craft brewer or gypsy brewer, which is exclusively entitled to advertise for this with a prize awarded (Item 14 of these competition rules).
The other brewers, craft brewers or gypsy Brewers participating in the Collaboration Brew may be named as participants in the Collaboration Brew at the award ceremony (Item 8), but are not entitled to advertise with a prize awarded for this purpose.
The event organizers can prohibit breweries, craft brewers or gypsy brewers, which are not authorized to participate or which violate the conditions of this competition, from participation in the competition or subsequently revoke an awarded prize.


You can read the currently valid categories including descriptions here.

The organizer reserves the right to create additional categories or to delete categories.

Each participant may enter only one beer in the respective category to the competition. One and the same beer may participate in the competition only in one category, an entry in several/different categories is excluded.

The participant guarantees that the beer entered meets the specifications of the category in which it is entered. The categories on the homepage are decisive for the specifications.
A preliminary check by the organizer does not take place.


Registration period

Price in € per beer

Beer 1 and 2

Beer 3 and more

until 24 May 2023

250,00 EUR

220,00 EUR

from 25 May 2023

270,00 EUR

240,00 EUR

The prices are net prices excluding VAT.

Registration schedule
Registration start03 April 2023
End of early bird discount24 May 2023
End of registration12 July, 2023
Shipping period01 - 23 August 2023
Expert tasting14/15 September 2023
Award ceremony29 November 2023 at BrauBeviale
Night of the winners29 November 2023 at BrauBeviale
Awarded beers

Participants whose beers have been awarded prizes are obliged to deliver the awarded beer in the following quantities for the events announced in advance by the organizer, in particular the "Winners' Night", in due time to the place specified by the organizer:

  • 50 bottles/cans with a capacity of less than 0.75 liters


  • 35 bottles/cans with a capacity of 0.75 liters or more

to a cooperation partner of the organizer, whose name and address will be announced by the organizer in each case.

If there is not a sufficient amount of beer samples due to breakage, the organizer is entitled to request additional beer samples at the expense of the respective participant. The shipment of the awarded beers shall be at the expense and risk of the participant in each case.

The liability of the organizer for slight negligence is excluded.

Those participants whose beers have been awarded gold may be required by the organizer in the year of their award to participate in the Consumer's Favourite Award, a regularly held public tasting, on the occasion of BrauBeviale or another event announced in advance by the organizer.

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