Professional medium for 160 years

It all began in 1861 with the "Allgemeine Bayerische Hopfenzeitung," which has evolved over the decades into today's BRAUWELT. The specialist publisher Hans Carl, a medium-sized family business in its sixth generation, is therefore proud of a tradition that now goes back 160 years.

Its origins lay in the regional hop market of Nuremberg in the 19th century, one of the most important trading centers for hops. The nearby hop-growing regions of Hersbruck and Spalt still bear witness to this today. The founder of the publishing house, Johann Carl, recognized the importance of written reports as a basis for the handshake business that was common at the time. The dedicated Carl was also a co-founder of the German Brauerbund in 1871.

The title continued to develop steadily as the "Allgemeine Brauer- und Hopfenzeitung". In January 1946, the grandson of the publisher's founder, Hans Carl, received the right to publish from the American military administration: The title BRAUWELT was chosen for the new start.

Multilingual since 1982

As early as the 1970s, the increasing internationalization of the brewing industry. This was also the case for BRAUWELT, which launched the 1982, BRAUWELT International was launched on the market in English. followed by BRAUWELT in Russian, Spanish and Chinese in the 1990s.

The strength of BRAUWELT is on the one hand the current reporting in the 36 German editions of a year, on the other hand, the well-founded specialist articles from science and practice. The technical depth is flanked by its sister publication BrewingScience (formerly Monatsschrift for Brewing Science).

Online since early 1990`s

Both the appearance and the output channels have evolved over the years. As early as the beginning of the 1990s BRAU-DATENBANKEN went online. Today, subscribers can access the BRAUWELT content in the printed magazine, as an online version on including a searchable article archive, and as an e-paper via tablet or smartphone.

The range is rounded off by a specialist book program in German and English and guidebooks on the subject of beer, such as the "Biersorten of the BRAUWELT", a comprehensive description of 120 beer styles including brewing recipes. These and other relevant titles, also from other publishers, can be ordered conveniently from the bookshop.


Since the beginning of the competition, the specialist publisher Hans Carl has been more than just a partner of the European Beer Star. Dr. Karl-Ullrich Heyse was one of the founders of the competition. Even today, the specialist publisher Hans Carl and its industry mouthpiece, BRAUWELT, continue to support the competition in word and deed.

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